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Northshore Exteriors Inc. is the West Coast and Hawaii's premier contractor for all types of rainscreens, including Terra Cotta, Cement board and Phenolics as well as NorthClad® Rainscreens and all types of metal siding, roofing, and specialty trim.

From estimating, to shop drawings, to fabrication and installation, we will do our best to provide you with a well-managed, top quality installation that adds value to your building. 

Northshore Exteriors Inc. was founded in 1986 as Northshore Sheet Metal Inc. Over the years we have evolved and expanded our scope to become the west coast's premier architectural cladding company.  Today, we manufacture a wide variety of rain-screen siding products under the NorthClad® trademark, including Column Covers and Phenolics, and install architectural panels of virtually any type, shape and finish.

Our 70,000+ square foot factory, located just off the Mukilteo Speedway in Everett, Washington, houses our state-of-the-art shop equipment. We are unique in that we bring precision manufacturing to the world of architectural cladding, with the latest equipment from the world's leading technology manufacturers. 

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