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What we install

We install a wide range of products to be your envelope solution.


Waterproofing and Insulation

We install a full range of vertical waterproofing solutions including most fluid applied and sheet weather resistive barriers.

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Light Gauge Metal Panels and Wood Cladding Systems

Partnering with local and national fabricators, we install roll formed products, including flush and corrugated panels, and an extensive selection of shingle and concealed fastener systems.

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Metal Roofing

We are your complete assembly solution for metal roof systems. We install insulation, sheathing, underlayment, roof panels and gutter and downspout systems.


Fiber Cement, Terracotta, and Phenolics

From Hardie to Parklex to Swiss Pearl, we fabricate and install dimensionally critical panel systems.


Louvers and Sunshades

Partnering with national manufacturers and creating custom fabrications, we install architectural and rainscreen louvers and sunshades.

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Metal Fabrications and Plate

With in house layout, laser and welding capabilities we can fabricate a wide range of plate and metal fabrications.


What we fabricate

We work with NorthClad® Rainscreen Solutions to provide high performance cladding systems for dimensionally critical metal products.

By fabricating locally in Everett, WA, we significantly reduce lead times and project risk. This approach opens the door to customized systems tailored to project specific objectives. 


If your project is in the design phase and you are not yet ready to bring on a design build partner, Northclad is an excellent resource for standard detailing, specification assistance, and design support.

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NorthClad® AL panel systems which are ideal for a functional, yet versatile vented rainscreen design. With excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions, the AL standard panel system will perform for many years and provide a significant return on investment.


ACM provides a flat surface comparable to much thicker aluminum plate, while allowing for prefinishing for maximum color consistency and large panel modules. 



Colors, gloss levels, and finish textures can be tuned to meet your specific project requirements. Fastener patterns and finishes can be adjusted to contrast, or blend in. Our Fastener Systems are not limited to perpendicular edges; we can accomplish curves as well as abstract shapes, exposed or hidden.


The malleable properties of zinc allow sheet material to be manipulated in ways that cannot be matched by steel or aluminum. Northclad offers fully tested zinc wall systems including mounting systems and related hardware. 

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CL Series engineered column cover systems are available in either Kynar®/Hylar® coated aluminum or aluminum composite. These systems are CNC fabricated in house to precise dimensions and tolerances, and are available in custom shape, with multiple joint configurations, and a range of size and color combinations.


The NorthClad® Designer Series line offers the opportunity for designers to collaborate with a knowledgeable fabrication teams in order to implement truly custom one-off projects that stand out from the rest.

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